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>it sure sounds like you're snubbing your nose at SVOs in

This is when I found you to be a smart ass...and you are...you and your
Brother Rhett.

>that was an analogy, and you don't get those....

What I do get...is the first part of the word. You're *anal* about being

>I guess you couldn't understand the "400 hp" analogy, so that's why you
didn't answer it. 

There's plenty of Porsches out rippin up the cones. How many do you see
at the drag strip??

>And what makes any car you can think of "suited" for drag racing?

I answered you on this one Dave...the ones that don't come 'set up from
the factory designed for road hugging performance'

I'm a fellow SVO owner. I enjoy the cars. It's just everyday I was
reading where you guys were taking a car that doesn't perform well
straight line and trying to make it do something it wasn't designed to
do.. You want more HP?...great, ever heard of more cubic inches? I
couldn't understand why , when you get more HP from the 2.3 liter...you
still didn't take to an autocross course...Money, tires,
yada...yada...yada...It takes money and tires to drag race.

I'm here on this list cause I enjoy being around fellow SVO
owners...obviously there's a couple of "self-apointed" smartass' in the
bunch..DAVE, Rhett, whoever...

As I said before...if you want to drag race it...go for it. Everyone has
a right to their own opinions or what they like to gain from ownership.