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Re: Draggin on and on and on

>Whipping out th enew Turbo mag....I can say B.S.
>The worlds fastest and quickest Talonis in there this month..Sorry, its
>best E.T. is 11.006, and accroding to the mag, "the interior was stripped
>'in Honda fashion'. Viod of carpet, plastic, and a current vehicle
>registration tag, the the Talon was definatly looking race ready". And its
>not jus some guys car.  its eiterh sponsored or actually owned by a shop,
>so its nowhere near your average Talon.  I didn't read the article again,
>but if it was running stripped, i doubt it was running street tires.

Two talons are into the 10's. One is as you describe, stripped, the other
has a full interior c/w stereo. The mag's are by their nature 2 - 3 months
out of date. For the latest info in try www.dsm.org. But thats not the
point I was trying to make, I was just trying to show no one car type owns
drag racing. Sorry if I was unclear.

>Another note, dont go saying stupid stuff like 5.slow here. THat makes you
>sound as bad as him for ripping on another perfectly good car.  5.0s are
>cool.  If 10's was my aim, like your Diamond Star icons, I sure as hell
>wouldn't choose a SVO, nor would it be a Eclipse/Talon.
>If I wanted a nice streetable car, I would go with a 5.0 unless I got
>rich.  Dollar for dollar, the 5.0 is about the cheapest car you can get
>into the 10's, and still have a stereo, full, A/C and upolstered interior.
>The biggest problem with the 5.0, is its agerage driver.  Its amazing they
>can fit their heads in the car.

Your right about the 5.slow stuff, its used alot on the talon list but it's
not  really cool there or anywhere else. I guess I just got caught up in
the slagging fest. Can't let someone get away with trashing my SVO!! :)


90 Talon (street car, retired from racing)
84 SVO (no interior, one seat, full cage,  owned since new, needs paint)