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Re: Draggin on and on and on and on and on, listening to myself...

> out of date. For the latest info in try www.dsm.org. But thats not the

BTW, those guys have got a terrific list...
I'd like to see us have that kind of cohesiveness when dealing with a
problem, and regard for each other.  Remember Politeness Man from National
Lampoon. :)
Ah... what am I thinking?  We have a "live" list, we could never enforce
that :)

Check out their web and maybe even sub to their list.  
> 90 Talon (street car, retired from racing)
> 84 SVO (no interior, one seat, full cage,  owned since new, needs paint)

This killed me....
(laughing out loud, dead on floor, gurgling for air)

That Extreme Motorsports Talon ran high 11s at Capitol Raceway last Friday.
I'd love to have one of those cars and go that fast IN THE RAIN!