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Re: Hard to launch

At 10:01 AM 9/25/97 -0700, you wrote:
>One thing that has consitantly came up through the "Bud talk" is the
>fact that SVO's are hard to launch. I was talking to an guy last night
>about the same thing. ANYBODY have the answer as to why? and if so what
>if anything can we do to correct or help this situation? or is this a
>fact of SVO life.

I would say it does take more control to launch well with the SVO. Without
all that grunting V8 torque it's easier to bog the 2.3L. But with the right
technique you can launch as well as a 5 liter. Its a combination of
releasing the clutch gradually while pressing the gas. Done right you will
get just a tiny amount of wheelspin all the way through first gear.

BTW all my experience launching is from autocrossing and hillclimbing, I've
never tried drag racing so all I say could be wrong.

James Lawler james@ccnsinfo.com

84 Mustang SVO E/SP
90 Eagle Talon AWD E/SP (Rain car)