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Just End It

Yes, I too feel the need to lash out, especially when someones opinions or
attitudes differ from mine.  But, for god sakes guys, let's let it go.  I
don't care what cars are at the strip.  I'm getting sick and tired of this
back and forth bickering shit.

Bud, you were wrong to say what you said.  Dave, and others are just making
things worse by replying.  I know this is a new thing to everyone...this
SVO list stuff.  The Buick Turbo List would have ended this long ago,
before the flame war started.  We are still a small list, so people can
flame a bit more, before everyone gets really pissed.  How quick do you
think an 1100 member flame war gets started?  Not very quickly, if the fire
is controlled.  Does anyone understand what I am saying here?

As long as you want to talk about how your Mustang Cobra is the only 'real
drag car' and that you are the 'only real drag racer' and that all Pintos
or whatever suck compared to your car, I'm sure there is no place here for
That doesn't just apply to Bud, but, anyone else who is going to come in
here, and start counterproductive threads.

And to all of you rude bastards, who keep this flame going, shame on
you...your not helping anything.  Sit down, cool off, and be a better man,
or woman for that matter!

-Brian "Deep Thoughts" Guild