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Re: Draggin on and on and on and on and on, listening to myself...

Dave Compton wrote:
> <DSM List>
> BTW, those guys have got a terrific list...
> I'd like to see us have that kind of cohesiveness when dealing with a
> problem, and regard for each other.

They've had really big arguments over whether records set by the cars
with no interiors "count", and major trash talking between the shops
who've built some of the really fast cars and now want to sell the
others on the list lots of parts.

Overall I'd say we're in the same league.  They've just had a little
longer to get organized, plus there are a lot more people they can
recruit because there are so many more DSMs out there than SVOs, and
they're making more every day :-(.  If Ford had just had the nads to
stick with the SVO and improve it continuously for the last 10 years!

I'm dreaming of a stock 3.0 liter, 16 valve, 7000 RPM, 52# injector
stock SVO, that could have been turned up to 400hp as easily as we
turn ours up to 250 right now...how sweet it would have been, and
it wouldn't have even been that hard.  We can do it now, but it's
a lot more expensive for us to do it than the factory :-(.