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I feel I wasn't 'wrong' in any aspect. I just have different opinions
than a mere 5 to 6 people who became totally offended by my questions
and counters.

>Yes, I too feel the need to lash out, especially when someones opinions >or
>attitudes differ from mine. 

I feel it's acceptable to "lash out" at someone for having a different
opinion????...Dude,...get a grip.

I OWN SVOs...I cherish mine, I drive em, and I enjoy them. Me and my
fellow SVO owners have had this same discussion. I thought I would put
it here and see what others reasoning was to the question...different
people from different areas of the U.S.

I didn't say I was THE drag racer...I was adding that I ALSO drag race.
I didn't say my Cobra was the ONLY real drag car...it's not, I merely
was showing what more cubic inches and less effort net larger gains.

You guys became SO defensive by someone questioning your motives. I'm
not a Camaro, Porsche, or Pontiac owner. I'm a SVO owner who wanted some
feed back on a question I had. If you're not secure in yourself and feel
I'm bashing your EGO...seek help.

All this 'my friends car is faster...I read in a magazine' crap. This
just shows you guys can't show what YOU'VE done...

The question was asked to SVO owners...instead, I get several pinto
owners "lashing out". The question wasn't towards them....but they just
had to offer their .02. This is a EGO thing also..chiming in on a
subject where you're concerned. I was however impressed by Cory...He
didn't become rude, illmannered or did any 'lashing'. He also has a
great website...you guys should visit it sometime.

Now I don't belong here because I 'beg to differ' on
somethings??????...hmmm now who's being counterproductive? You just want
a bunch a of 'yes men' on here?

There were alot of guys replying directly to me...instead of to the
entire list, that were agreeing with me. You were just limited on what
you saw. So,..if the majority agreed with me ...would I be RIGHT then

Go back in history...big things happen with one or a few don't go with
the masses.

86 SVO
85 SVO
94 Cobra
69 Sportsroof