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Bud Morton wrote:

> I didn't say I was THE drag racer...I was adding that I ALSO drag race.
> I didn't say my Cobra was the ONLY real drag car...it's not, I merely
> was showing what more cubic inches and less effort net larger gains.
> You guys became SO defensive by someone questioning your motives...

I think a good portion of the defensiveness is your assumptions about
your and our SVOs.  I think it's entirely possible that if you were to
spend the same money you spent on your Cobra mods on your SVO that you
could run just as good of numbers.  We're just frustrated because
most of us don't have the three grand (my estimate on your mods) to
prove it.  Running the numbers says that an SVO would need about 330hp
to run a 12.5 on good street tires.  Probably couldn't be done on
the stock injectors without nitrous, so it would be expensive.  Anyone
think they could do it for 3 grand?

> All this 'my friends car is faster...I read in a magazine' crap. This
> just shows you guys can't show what YOU'VE done...

I feel this list is doing pretty well at getting away from that.
A lot of us are out actually running and improving our cars rather than
just sitting around bench racing and talking about "Oh yeah?, well I
know this guy that...".