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Re: Bud talk....

Alright, I normally sit quite but think I am qualified to chime in on this
one. Who determines what is or is not a drag car anyway? A tubbed out tube
chassis Camaro or a stone stock Honda prelude, you will see these and
anything in between at the track. The Honda is obviously a street commuter
and the camaro may be a street car although part time(who knows, maybe he
drives it everyday) I know guys whos only car is a 9 or 10 sec car and they
drive it to work. Point is, ANYTHING can be drag raced. I own multiple cars
including 5.0's and an SVO, Yes I drag race my 5.0 but I also like it to
handle and take it to autocross and track events. Is it a drag car or a road
coarse car? Neither  The Meaning of the word Performance does not mean that a
performance part must make the car go faster, it means something that
improves the performance of the car as a total package. I also have a Lincoln
Mark VII LSC, this is my everyday ride and yes I drag race it too- No its not
a drag car, no its not a road coarse car either but that does not mean I cant
do both! As for the comment about beating up such a valuable car, I believe I
can refer to Carrol Shelby on this one who blasted shelby owners for
trailering and pampering their cars and never driving them. THESE CARS WERE
MADE TO BE DRIVEN. What is VALUE anyway? If you own the car because you like
it and enjoy it, do what you want, you are getting plenty of value for your
money and who cares what its worth! But if you own the car because you think
your gonna get rich one day because its value is going to rise and you dont
really get enthusiastic about your car then you belong on Wall Street trading
stocks and not buying cars! The SVO's are great well balanced cars and are
currently a good deal in the market for people who enjoy driving, Personally,
I dont care if 10 years from now my SVO is worthless, I enjoy the car and
driving it and thats all that matters.   My .05

86 Bright red
+ a stable full of other fords