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The 3 grand....

> prove it.  Running the numbers says that an SVO would need about 330hp
> to run a 12.5 on good street tires.  Probably couldn't be done on
> the stock injectors without nitrous, so it would be expensive.  Anyone
> think they could do it for 3 grand?

Ok, I'll bite. :)

BIG exhaust, 3" all the way.  If you bought this from ATR, it costs what,
about $700? no header.
BIG Turbo, I'm thinking an "S" trim.  Figure $600 for argument's sake.
The later SVO (or 87-88 Turbo Coupe) EEC and 35 lb injectors, if you don't
have em already.
Spearco intercooler $1000 The big one.
Bigger valves figure $500
Engle cam $150 :)

That's $2950.  I intend to do a combo like this, but for lots less money,

I'm thinking it'll run low 13s, maybe.  Maybe better.  Who knows, but Eric
Weber did 13.08 on stocker stuff than this....

I'd have it done already but I ran out of play money. :(

Comments, conjecture, flames?