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Hey guys...found these surfing today..I thought I'd share them with the

First look at the SVO Mustang
According to Glen Lyall,
                SVO's engineering manager

>Lyall explained: "It's a GT car. The handling and weight balance had to >be
>                better. With a V-8 up there, the car would have been >nose heavy - a drag racer.
>                This way, handling is greatly improved, fuel economy is >somewhat better and the power is nearly equal."

just one more......

>The men at SVO began their mission to build a driver's car -- to show >the world that
>Americans could build a driver's car. And that is just what they did. >The high-technology,
>high-performance, limited-production Ford Mustang SVO is not just >another late-model Mustang
>with a cosmetic package or fancy gizmos -- it is a machine designed to >be driven at high speeds on
>winding roads. It is a balanced, sophisticated, race-proven automobile >for the knowledgeable
>enthusiast. The Mustang SVO has high-technology features that are >simply not available on most
>competitive products -- regardless of price.

hmmmm.....it is a machine designed to be driven at high speeds on a
winding road.

Bud Morton
86 SV0 2R
85 SVO 4E
94 Cobra
69 Sportsroof