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cory writes:  
  I can tell you that I get a little disappointed when I see 3-4 SVO's at  
  the local track, yet when talking to the owners, none want to participate  
  in any local Solo II events.  
  Why is that?  
For one thing, the SVO is horribly outclassed in F-Stock, where it landed  
this year, and was even worse in BS, where it was for a few years before   
that.  It's short HP and useable torqe vs. Cobras and current-gen Camaros,  
which handle about as well, not least because they have 8" wheels and  
can make real use of 245 autox tires.  The 7" wheels on the SVO would  
seriously crown 245s, negating the width advantage.  
It would be fairly classed in GS, where it won some national championships,  
only to be bounced out.  With the 200+ hp camaros in GS, it should  
probably be moved back. "Send a letter to the SEB"  
I was the '96 BS champ in the San Francisco region in my SVO, only  
because the competitive BS cars ran in a local "PAX" class instead.  
Against FS cars this year I was woefully behind before I gave up.  
My times would have been reasonable against the GS cars.  At the  
just completed nationals, someone ran FS in a Conquest/TSI, which   
has very similar stock perf to the SVO.  The SVO and the Conquest  
have been treated as bookends for classing purposes.  Anyway, the  
FS Conquest times were 1s back from the winning GS times.