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Re: Timing Belt Q

At 06:02 PM 9/25/97 -0600, Rod Lilak wrote:
>The last time I had my timing belt off it was real nervous prying the
>tensioner back and tightening it. Is the tool that Ford lists in the manual
>worth it for this endeavor, and does anyone know of a source for it ?
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Having done the install without the tool, I'd say that if you can find one
for under $15 or so go for it....it's got to be better than what we've been
using! You might check K-D or Snap-on or Lisle (sp?) for a cross-reference
of applications -- if they have one -- or talk to a service tech at the
dealer or the parts guy.

What I definitely wanted to get across is for you to change the idler
pulley -- some have suggested that once every other recommended belt change
-- but it's up to you. Ford stocks them and they run about $40 off the top
of my head -- not cheap mind you, but I'm gaining a new philosophy of
changing related stuff all at once. You can also get a nice heavy-duty unit
from Essential Turbo Systems or similar places.

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