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OK, my husband Shannon is on this thing all the time saying what kind of
great hints and pointers he gets. And I must admit that even though I'm
a "chick", I love reading all ya'lls stories - I'm a car nut too and can
get down and pull a tranny with the best of them.

The reason I'd rather be here than on some damn mommy-sewing-parenting
list is because I can't stand women whining and complaining and bitching
about everything under the sun...and now this?

God, you guys are worse than a bunch of bored old housewives. Can we get
back to all the cool racing stuff??

Michelle :)

p.s. We have a SVO that runs 13.9's that I drive on the track too and
have put a few Cobras and 5.0's on their way home...and my daily driver
Honda (is it stock?!?!) has a 5" tip and it's great (I don't remember
who mentioned it before with all the back and forth crap going on)...the
SVO has a 4".

Dave Compton wrote:
> > prove it.  Running the numbers says that an SVO would need about 330hp
> > to run a 12.5 on good street tires.  Probably couldn't be done on
> > the stock injectors without nitrous, so it would be expensive.  Anyone
> > think they could do it for 3 grand?
> Ok, I'll bite. :)
> BIG exhaust, 3" all the way.  If you bought this from ATR, it costs what,
> about $700? no header.
> BIG Turbo, I'm thinking an "S" trim.  Figure $600 for argument's sake.
> The later SVO (or 87-88 Turbo Coupe) EEC and 35 lb injectors, if you don't
> have em already.
> Spearco intercooler $1000 The big one.
> Bigger valves figure $500
> Engle cam $150 :)
> That's $2950.  I intend to do a combo like this, but for lots less money,
> somehow.
> I'm thinking it'll run low 13s, maybe.  Maybe better.  Who knows, but Eric
> Weber did 13.08 on stocker stuff than this....
> I'd have it done already but I ran out of play money. :(
> Comments, conjecture, flames?
> Dave
> DCompton@SmartWorx.com
> http://www.SmartWorx.com/DCompton