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Re: 85.5 SVO in Wyoming

Well hey, 

thanks anyway, I'll find another one soon. I really want another '86, mine
was really nice until it burned.

Chris Duarte

> From: Chris Roth <caroth@holly.colostate.edu>
> To: Chris Duarte <cduarte@idt.net>; SVO@SmartWorx.com
> Subject: 85.5 SVO in Wyoming
> Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 4:15 PM
> Well I have been trying to locate that 85.5 SVO in Wyoming but could 
> never get the person at the number listed.  I looked up the area code 
> and it was for Ohio, kind of far from Wyoming.  Sorry I could not 
> find the car.
> Chris Roth
> 85 Bright Red SVO
> 86 Silver Metallic SVO
> http://holly.colostate.edu/~caroth