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>I didn't say I was THE drag racer...I was adding that I ALSO drag race.
>I didn't say my Cobra was the ONLY real drag car...it's not, I merely
>was showing what more cubic inches and less effort net larger gains.

        If I'm not mistaken, weren't cobra's designed with bigger brakes and
a better suspension for better handling on road courses?  That's why the
Cobra R is a track monster.  So what are you doing drag racing a car that
was meant to be autocrossed?  Hmmmmm......

>The question was asked to SVO owners...instead, I get several pinto
>owners "lashing out". The question wasn't towards them....but they just
>had to offer their .02. This is a EGO thing also..chiming in on a
>subject where you're concerned. 

        We chimed in with our 2 cents (shit, I'll throw in a nickel) because
you directly started Pinto bashing.  It was brought up that Pinto's could be
great drag cars too (but they didn't come from the factory this way) and you
started calling them "turds" and "pieces of shit".  That is why we started
in on you.  But apparently you couldn't deal with a "turd" beating your
"roach".  Well, TOUGH SHIT!
                                                        Bug Bug