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re:drag racing

 I bet he didn't have much to say afterward??!!

At 11:49 AM 9/24/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>>I had sticky tires on and traction was not a problem.
>>>I guess the point I was trying to make was that in a street racing
>>>situation, he would have been very embarrassed.
>>Most people use 'street tires' on the street.
>These tires have a DOT on them and can be used on the street.  If I did not
>live 90 miles from the track, I would drive with them on the car to the
>track.  The tires are Biased ply construcion, have you ever driven a car
>with radials on the front and baised on the back and ran through corners in
>street conditions, not fun at all.  Doesn't matter, I have already sold the
>tires to someone and I will be getting the Nitto Drag Radials this spring.
>Then I will run the tires from my house down to the track and be in
>"street" form still destroying 1993 Cobras with E303 cams.
>>> my 60' time was a 2.12 and his 60' was 2.31
>>which indicates he was spinning
>Agreed, but his spin was not that much, most of the error is from the
>drivers lack of driving skill.  I have helped several other people in this
>area build fast 5.0 and one of them was up at the track earlier this
>summer.  He was unhappy that his car was only running a 15.2@94.  I got in
>the car and drove ran it down the track to a 14.6@96 with him in the car.
>He was on street tires (kelly-discount specials) and I was able to get a
>2.2 60' but feathering the gas.
>>>I was
>>>easily 6-8 car lengths in front of him from the start line to the >finish
>>>line, could it be from my .518 light compared to his .967 light
>>again...as I suspected...'operator error'...obviously, you're a better
>>driver than the Cobra owner. Do you remember the trap speed of both
>Oops, I knew I forgot something in my last post,  my trap speed was a
>93.7mph and his was a 93.1mph. SO even then he was probably down on power
>for the get go.
>Chris Roth