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Re: The 3 grand....

Dave Compton wrote:
> > prove it.  Running the numbers says that an SVO would need about 330hp
> > to run a 12.5 on good street tires.  Probably couldn't be done on
> > the stock injectors without nitrous, so it would be expensive.  Anyone
> > think they could do it for 3 grand?
> Ok, I'll bite. :)
> BIG exhaust, 3" all the way.  If you bought this from ATR, it costs what,
> about $700? no header.
> BIG Turbo, I'm thinking an "S" trim.  Figure $600 for argument's sake.
> The later SVO (or 87-88 Turbo Coupe) EEC and 35 lb injectors, if you don't
> have em already.
> Spearco intercooler $1000 The big one.
> Bigger valves figure $500
> Engle cam $150 :)
> That's $2950.  I intend to do a combo like this, but for lots less money,
> somehow.

That should get you the standard "almost" 300 hp, and run 12s on slicks,
but 13s on street tires.  Close...but...Bud's still got you.

I'm wondering how far an early model 0.63 turbo could be pushed if you
were using a really good intercooler?  I'm thinking early SVO plus:

$1000   Intercooler
$300    Big catalytic converter and good 2.5" muffler and pipe out the 
        back.  I don't think 3" exhaust is cost effective for this
$500?   Chip and 42# injectors with stock tables, higher redline?
$50     K&N
$150    Engle Cam

With this scenario we're at $2000, and we're probably still 50 to 60
horsepower short.  The decision is whether to spend the money on the
turbo or the head and manifolds...we've got the fuel to do it.  Any
experts that know what the next step should be?  No nitrous allowed ;-).
I'm just thinking maybe the turbo's not the next thing...if we hogged
out the head and manifolds, we wouldn't need nearly as much boost, so
the pressure ratio wouldn't get so ridiculous, and maybe the turbo would
be "efficient enough" to get by.  I realize that I'm contradicting
Corky, who said "get the big turbo and just boost the crap out of it".
Also, if last weekend was any indication we'll probably need an ignition.