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Re: ATR exhaust...summary.


> was this the $700 setup, plus $130 for the downpipe?  Which cats (if any) 
> are you using, or were they included? 

The ATR setup I bought was $495 ($625 with shipping) and had SS pipes 
and Mild Steel Mufflers that are coated with the Alum. stuff.  I 
opted for this because in Colorado we don't have as many chemical on 
the roa in the winter as the people back east.  

The ATR system is a cat-back system that bolts to the end of the 
stock downpipe with converter.

I bought the 3" downpipe from Classic Corral for $129 ($135 with 
shipping) which does not have a cat.  I do not live in an emmissions 
controlled country so the cat is not an issue.

So the total price with shipping for the exhaust system turbo to rear 
bumper is $760 including shipping.

Chris Roth
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO