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Re: Brake Pad formulation

Porterfield lists front and rear pads for the SVO in their R4 Carbon Kevlar

Front, AP431, $129/set
Rear, AP204, $149/set

The front FMSI-431 outline is rather common, but the rear FMSI-204 seems to be
rare, which could explain the price.

R4 is a track pad, good to about 1500F, not really suitable for the street.

R4E is an endurance pad, formulated for long wear and lower temperatures, maxes
out about 1375F. Again, not a street pad.

R4S is a street formulation, good to about 1050F.

I had a set of R4S on my SHO for some time, loved 'em. Good cold torque, easy
to modulate, low dust, no squeal. I gave them some fairly hard use and then
sold them (to another SHO owner) with better then 80% of the original
thickness. He's been running them for over 2 years on the street, some
autocross and an occasional track event.

R4S is a wonderful compound, a tad expensive, but worth it.

Porterfield also stocks Performance Friction and Hawk materials, and will
generally put just about any compound on any backing plate, especially if you
supply the backing plates.  They use a ceramic bonding process that helps
prevent heat transfer from the pad to the piston, lessening the chance of
boiling brake fluid.

Porterfield Enterprises: 1-800-537-6842, Costa Mesa, California.

Gary Morrell
Driver of anything that turns left and right.

On Sep 26, 10:51, Carl Morris wrote:
> Subject: Re: Brake Pad formulation
> Rod Lilak wrote:
> > My originals seemed to last forever, and the Ford parts counter guys didn't
> > know.  But I have been less than impressed with the replacements I put on
> > from the standpoint of dust, squeal, and wear.
> >
> > What are others using ?
> I wish Performance Friction or Hawk or somebody made a rear pad, but all
> I've ever been able to find other than stock and cheapies that suck, is
> the old Motorsport high performance metallics...I don't know if they're
> semi or full, but they work decent...but not great.  At least they're
> not noisy...
> I bought my latest set from Sacramento Mustang/Classic Corral.
> --
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com
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