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Brake pads, and get your new front lower control arms

I like the stock pads for daily driving.  I have 90K miles and have not
replaced the front pads.  I had to replace the rears (with stock) at 55K
because the parking brake would not hold on hills.   The pads, however,
had not worn too much.  And I agree, they are quiet.

Got my  new stock shifter knob from Jim Dingle at PPI in Reston, Va., a
few years back for $79.  The SVOOA is considering having a run by the OEM.
You may want to wait.

Also, for SVOOA members, the front lower control arms are going to be
remanufactured at a cost of only $145 each.  That is a lot better than the
more than $400 each for old stock.   I am surprised no one else has
mentioned this.  Contact your local chapter director or me.

84 SVO