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Urethane Bushing up front.

Back a week or so ago there was conversation about urethane bushing in the
front of the SVO.

I checked my stock rubber bushing out on my 86 and found that both
end-links were bent and that the frame to swaybar bushing were totally worn

Two days later I received at flyer from excessive motorsports and found the
Prothane bushings were $13.00 for the end links and $6.00 for the sway bar.
I ordered a new set of urethane bushing for the swaybar and new end link
rods and urethane bushings. 

I installed the new urethane bushings last night and, wow, what a
difference in the cornering.  The under steer is back, what a relief over
the hard to predict over steer.  With the old bushings and the front Konis
adjusted to the firmest setting, I still had over steer.  I ran the front
konis in the softest position and I still have understeer (on cold street

I will have to agree with whoever said it before that replacing the front
with urethane did make the front of the car feel tighter and brand new.

Just some info I wanted to share.

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)