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ATR exhaust...summary.

To all those who are interested in the ATR SS exhaust system.

First off, I installed a Classic Corral 3" downpipe and the ATR SS
(stainless Steel) dual exhaust system on my 86 SVO.

Quality:  The product is heavy gauge SS and SS clamps are used.  The
shipping weight was 55lbs and it is every bit of that weight on the car.
The system is fully mandrel bent and the pieces fit together snug (that is
a good thing).

Y-pipe:  One of the reasons I bought this system is because of the 3"
flange that then splits into dual 2.5" pipes.  The actual  Y-connection is
constructed well.  I has no sharp bends and is blended well on the inside
of the pipe.

Installation:  It was a straight forward installation. I installed it by
myself and took 2 hours to align everything perfectly.  Two people would
make the install go faster.

Sound:  At first it was really quiet except at idle.  Now I have about 500
miles on the system and it is starting to get a little louder.  Compared to
stock it is louder at idle but driving down the road seems to be the same
tone and dB as stock.  I am very happy with this quiet system.  In
comparison with my 85 SVO with the single 3" Flowmaster system, I would say
that the ATR system is a little louder at idle but much quieter running
down the road.   

So far all of the above have been good comments about the system, here is
where that stops.

Design:  I realize that ATR was trying to eliminate the big bends around
the Y-connector, so the exhaust stays in the V shape all the way back to
the axle as opposed to the stock setup that straightens the mufflers to run
parallel.  By keeping this angle back design, there becomes a problem with
clearance on the drivers side over the axle.  If you adjust the pipe away
from the upper control arm then you end up hitting the sub-frame rail.  If
you try adjusting the pipe away from the frame you hit the upper control
arm with little room for adjustment.  There is only about 0.5" of lateral
adjustment on the left side.  I have adjusted it as best I could but I
still get the occasional exhaust rattle on the frame.  Maybe they want you
buy the upper control arms from them to allow more room.

The other design issue I am not happy with is the mounting of the bracket
on the polished part of the pipe in the back of the car.  Ford (and
Dynomax) put the back hanger to the inside of the polished pipe. ATR welded
their hanger to the top of the pipe.  What this change did was move the
exhaust pipes closer to the fuel tank by about an inch.  I DO NOT like that
design will probably have to have the pipes bent to keep it away from the

Recommendations and overall summary:  Take your time installing the system.
 I like the system as I only lost 7hp over the downpipe only run (in the
1/4 mile), so the system does what it says, FLOWS.  The car is quiet and
nice to drive and works well with the car.  I would recommend this system
to others, just beware of the fit problems over the axle and around the
fuel tank.

Chris Roth