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Re: Brakes (I need one)

Justin Condon wrote:
> I am having a problem putting new brakes on my SVO.  I can't compress
> the calipers for the life of me.  I use a small vice (that I can fit in
> the tight space) and can't get enough space to put the new pads on and
> fit the caliper over the damn rotor.  Anyone ever had this problem?  Am
> I crazy?  I don't want to ruin my calipers by applying ungodly amounts
> of pressure to compress them so what should I do?  Any help appreciated.

If you're doing the fronts, I don't know.  A C-clamp has always worked
for me.

If you're doing the backs, STOP!  You need to turn the pistons in.
They make a special tool that hooks into the two small holes on the
face of the piston and allows you to screw it in.  This mechanism
is necessary for the emergency brake...