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Re: Brakes (I need one)

>Justin Condon wrote:
>> I am having a problem putting new brakes on my SVO.  I can't compress
>> the calipers for the life of me.  I use a small vice (that I can fit in
>> the tight space) and can't get enough space to put the new pads on and
>> fit the caliper over the damn rotor.  Anyone ever had this problem?  Am
>> I crazy?  I don't want to ruin my calipers by applying ungodly amounts
>> of pressure to compress them so what should I do?  Any help appreciated.
>If you're doing the fronts, I don't know.  A C-clamp has always worked
>for me.
>If you're doing the backs, STOP!  You need to turn the pistons in.
>They make a special tool that hooks into the two small holes on the
>face of the piston and allows you to screw it in.  This mechanism
>is necessary for the emergency brake...

And be darned sure once the new pads are installed in the back to test fit
them to the rotors, and get the clearances as close to 3/32" as possible
before you apply the brakes. While the emergency brake adjuster is supposed to
rotate slowly out to self-adjust, if the amount is too great the adjuster can
pull loose internally, requiring a complete caliper disassembly to correct.

Damn near screwed mine up that way.


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