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RE: The 3 grand....

On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, Eric Weber wrote:

> Scotty my boy . . . You must have a few loose nuts in your rear.... As Dave 
> stated, (thanks Dave) my 2.3t did 13.08@108 True, SVO's do better around 
> turns, BUT, the only thing my car did in a strait line was lift the front end 
> off the ground. Ask Lee Clary, Ken Schultz, and the vast majority of the 
> population of Baltimore who so Graciously donated their money (i.e. - loosing 
> street races) to Ken and I in the summer of '89. Before they had all of those 
> Hi-Po goodies out there. If you know what your doing with the car, you can get 
> it to do anything. I'll climb down off of my box of Mobil One now. Weber has 
> left the building.
Ummm, one word..sarcasm.

->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
->86 Escort..12.06@57 1/8th mile:) ..but gets me where I gotta
go..sometimes<----turbo soon to come.Stay tuned for details