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Re: ATR exhaust...summary.

Chris Roth wrote:
> > 
> The other design issue I am not happy with is the mounting of the bracket
> on the polished part of the pipe in the back of the car.  Ford (and
> Dynomax) put the back hanger to the inside of the polished pipe

> Chris Roth
> http://holly.colostate.edu/~caroth
	Thanks Chris, I almost bought ATR except for that price, OUCH!!!

	This is a good point, and brings up another. DO NOT for any reason buy
the MAC 2 1/2 inch tail pipes. These MAC pipes look awsome  and are less
money than the DynoMax,, but they do not fit right. Please trust me on
this one guys, I have a set up in my garage that I bought and could not
use because of fitment problems and to top it all off the parts
guy(asshole) where I bought them from would not take them back!!
	If you are going to do the 2 1/2, and I highly recomend you do it, be
sure to get the DynoMax tail pipes the fit _no_ problems and look like
FORD put them there.