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RE: Brake rattle

YES get the factory "thingies". I tried 10 dealers in the area. The only
one that had them was an LM dealer. I changed by pads and didn't get new
clips because the auto parts places would only sell them in a rebuild
set for $20. My car rattled so loud that I thought I had broke an axle!
I went to the dealer and paid about $8 for two of them.

> Rod Lilak wrote:
> > 
> > >Are you guys using the stock rattle clips on your rear pads?
> > Yes. They seem to grip pretty firm. When I first changed out the
> rear pads
> > (after 100K miles....) I was expecting the rattle to go away because
> one of the
> > clips was broken.
	Carl wrote:
>  I just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing.  I'm not
> talking about the "thingies" attached to the pad that go into the
> piston, I'm talking about a bent piece of wire that goes under the
> bottom of the pad where it rests on the caliper that holds the pad up
> as far as it can go.  You have those, too?
> -- 
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com