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el cheapo shifter knobs

Hi, just another option for those of you w/ `84s in less than concourse
condition that don't mind modifying you car....

my Hurst knob had NO leather left on top after 130K miles. Solution....

1..Get a late model T5 Ford shifter from yard (approx $25, that's in DC,
cheaper everywhere else) get off of 5.0 or TBird. My was off a TBird TC.

2.. Go to hardware store. Buy lots o' washers. Disassemble shifter,
grind/file out holes to fit washers, reassemble w/o rubber in the
shifter (approx $1) Salen makes these bushings for about $20, Dave C
used machined bushings off of commercial data tape machine, be
3.. Get the "Cobra" leather knob. This is not the FMS "tall" knob that
looks like the SVO Hurst knob. This is a "short" leather knob that is
the same shape as the plastic GT knob. ($29, diversified & PPI). It's
also $10 cheaper than the FMS. Note: the Cobra know WILL NOT fit the
hurst linkage.

I did this and it feels like I changed my whole T5. Highly recommend it
:-) all for less than the replacement cost of my Hurst SVO knob.


> > Hi all
> >    Need a show of hands Umm I mean e-mails
> > for N.O.S. SVO shifter knobs @ $100 ea.
> > + shipping.  If Enough Interest I`ll raid a vault
> > full of em.                            Tim
> I just bought one of those brand new last year from
> Sacramento Mustang/Classic Corral for about $85...
> I think they still have them for the same price.
> -- 
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com