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Re: How fast?

At 04:40 PM 26/09/97 -0700, Andy Haydock wrote:
>I have been looking over some of the Merkur pages and have read about Rick
>Byrnes attempting to do 211 mph.  Also I have read about Merkur XR4ti
>owners who have had their car up near 140 mph.  My question is could my 84
>Mustang GT Turbo ever go that fast?  My speedometer isn't much help, it
>only goes up to 85.  Now I am not saying that I ever want to go 140mph am I
>just curious if that is a possiblity.  
If I remember correctly on Magazine built a Mustang Cobra in an attempt to
hit 200 MPH.  Kenny Dutweiler did the enginer work (he used to, and maybe
still is, a Buick GN guy).  The worked 302 made about 400 HP without the
centrifugal supercharger going, and around 800 with.  This was part of the
article because they were tearing several belts in their attempts.  They
hit a speed of about 201. something in their final run.  It is possible but
when you start going that fast in a Mustang it's like trying to push a
cardboard box.  With the broken belts they could only hit 170 MPH.  That's
about the speed that 400 HP would hit with the right gearing.

Hope that helps.

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