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Parting out 84 SVO

some of the parts I have pulled off already are as follows:
1)Rear seat assembly>condition Fair, no tears,light fade on top of seat
backs, need cleaning.
2)Glove box
3)dash panels
4)Sail panels
5)Lower spoiler(painted Mint green unfortunately)sorry keeping upper, its
6)Front lower fender extension brackets for front cover
7)seat belts.
8)center console armrest(no tears or splits)
9)Outside door mirrors
10) Door glass
11)Tilt steering column
12)Windshield wiper motor
13)Front swaybar
14)Rear swaybar

I will list more as I pull it off. I am only listing this stuff on this list
for now so that you all can get first shot at anything you need. Thanks, Paul