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Re: How I holed my piston...

Cory Erickson wrote:
> > > firing of the plugs....a dirty connector (especially the PIP or SPOUT
> > > wires) has.
> > >
> > > Cory
> > > ericksco@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu
> > Cory, Don't overlook it (the TFI). I went through every connector in the
> > car from the ECM, harness, ECM ground, coil resistance, pip in
> > distributer, EEC power relay, engine to chassis ground (found it loose,
> > bell housing bolt) swapped in another ECM, and found it to be the BRAND
> > NEW replacement module. The key was the car only acted up at a certain
> > TEMPERATURE after it had been running four minutes. Sounds like a
> > semi-conductor problem to me! I know the mistake cost me a lot of hours
> > of diagnostic time. I finally swapped my distributer into his car and
> > his in mine. VOILA! a cure.
> > John Garasimowicz
> But....it also _could_ have been how well the connection was seated (TFI
> to distributor). I too have run into this several times. I went through 3
> new Ford TFI's on the last occasion (kept bringing them back for new
> ones). It ended up that connector for the TFI to PIP was a little corroded
> (a BIG problem with all Fords) and the heat from the engine must have
> cause a "make then break" resistance which caused the bucking you
> described. I hear about the TFI problems all the time. I just have to say
> that in your case it was indeed possible that it was the connector (a few
> seatings of the TFI could have scraped off the corrosion which is a
> whitish metal color). I just know that I personally have fixed more than 2
> dozen various Ford models with just cleaning and re-greasing the TFI
> connector.
> Now I have run into a few times where the PIP was not working
> correctly...but that's a different story ;) You normally get a code on
> that though (17 if I remember correctly).
> Something to ponder...
> Cory
   it is Code 14, Intermittent PIP. BTW I finally put that replacement
module in my wife's oven and "baked it" to about 200 degrees and then
tested the internal resistance, it then failed. When cool it was OK.
John, '87 TC (I know, I need to get a life, bake cookies, not