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Re: How fast?

> I think it is more than possible, in '86 road and track tested the TC
> and came up with a top speed of 142 mph. I've never tried it but I
> believe it is possible I've done 125 mph and it had more to go. But
> remember our TC's run 3.55 rear axles, a little higher than a SVO's 3.73
> axle.
> John '87 TC

That is a good point.  Although I will agree with Scott and say that my car
is far from an aerodynamic wonder, but I think John made a point about the
rear axle, in 84 the Mustang that I own came with a 3.45 rear axle. 
Hmmmmm..... I don't think that I could ever do 142mph (on an open race
track (I like speed but I am not stupid)) but I think that I can do
~130mph.  Does this sound plausible?