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Re: 2.3 turbo questions..

At 11:16 AM 9/29/97 PDT, Jason Kuttner wrote:
>Hey all, I have a 2.3 turbo in my 87 tbird coupe I just bought, and I 
>have a handful of questions..
>can the smaller 7 blade AC fan be attached inline with the factory 4 
>blade fan? it seems to be a waste not to use it...
>I want to change the timing belt. According to the book, I need to 
>remove the water pump pulley, which looks easy enough, but how do you 
>remove the crank pulley? It looks like there is 1 bolt, the big crank 
>bolt.. and where can I get a new Belt and tensioner?
>lastly, I recently changed the sparkplug wires with some regular pep 
>boys specials ($20) and now the motor is missing and sputtering.. I 
>tried my best not to cross any wires.. I read that wire type was very 
>important on these motors, can someone tell me what's up? I didn't 
>change a thing except for the wires, and now it went from running great 
>to pretty bad..
>jason k.

Congratulations on purchasing your 2.3 Turbo! You made a wise choice!

Your next wise choice will be to get rid of those Pep Boys wires and get a
4-cylinder set from Motorcraft. Double-check the firing order and spark
plug wires on the distributor. 

Ford will also have your belt, and your tensioner pulley.

By the way, I buy Ford or Motorcraft parts whenever I can, except for Spark
Plugs I buy NGK TR-5s. My opinion is don't buy platinums.

Good luck!

Jim Dvorak
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