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Re: SVO's for sale

Gary Morrell wrote:

> > 85 Ford Mustang SVO
> >
> > Condition: NEW!!!!!! 000006 miles
> > Description:
> > New Red 85 SVO- Never on road. All SVO options. For info call Dave at
> > 912-729-3460 or
> > E-mail fordman@eagnet.com
> > Asking $18,000 dollars (US)
> >
> > Contact: Dave Johnston ( fordman@eagnet.com )
> What a waste of a great car...
> What a dreamer of a seller...

Speaking of which, here's a perfect example of why mass produced
cars make such crappy investments.  Somebody provided garage space
all these years for something they never drove, and even if they
get their 18 grand for it, the same same money they spent for the
car would be worth about 50 grand now if they'd have put it in a
decent mutual fund...

Oh well, I suppose it made a great conversation piece all these years.
I suppose I might consider buying it over a new 18 grand GT if that
was my "new-car" budget...but I'd probably want an 85.5/86...bzzzzt.
Maybe if I had a severe nostalgia attack...mine's a red 85, too.  It
would be easier than restoring mine ;-).

I see a lot of Grand National/GNX owners finally giving up on making
a bundle on their cars, too.