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Re: SVO injectors on a 5.0

At 03:53 PM 9/29/97 -0500, Ted R. Schwartz wrote:
>Posting this for a friend without e-mail capability:
> A friend of mine is doing a budget 306 N/A/NOS buildup and has 8 stock SVO
>35# injectors. Are these high impedance? Do you know if  they work ok in
>5.0 EEC-IV?
>He'll be running a chip to correct the MAF/injector stuff.
>Thanks in advance!
>Ted R. Schwartz
>86 SVO (7,500 miles)
>93 Mustang Cobra (ProCharger 12.64 @ 114 mph)
>94 Lightning (14.843 @ 90 mph)


I don't know details, but I do know the 35-pound "Brown Top" Mustang
SVO/2.3 Turbo injectors will not work in a stock 5.0...and I understand
damage can be done if trying it out.

The SVO injectors are "peak and hold" -- not sure if that also means

Hopefully somebody else can shed more light on this subject. I think he
needs the "blue tops."

Good luck!