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Re: over priced SVO's

DuffDry@aol.com wrote:
> The problem is these cars are not yet old enough to be worth anything.  To
> this point they are STILL used cars.  BUT they are rare.  What the SVO needs
> is a few more years of teenagers wrecking these cars.

Or us drag racing them to the point that they are nearly unrestorable ;-).

> I found out that
> almost any year SVO would be totaled from just a fender bender.  Don't get me
> wrong I love both my SVO's but as you all know our cars are worth more as
> parts than as a complete car.

But they'll never be worth THAT much regardless.  I submit that they'll
never be worth more than a new high end Mustang (assuming we never have
another period of Mustang II Cobras as "high end").  How many standard
old Mustang GTs are worth any more than a new GT?  How many Shelbys are
really (not just "asking price") worth more than a new Cobra?

Not many...if any.  Don't expect anything better for the SVO.  If
you want to make money, put your money in a mutual fund.  The best you
can hope for is to just happen to own a few when the price for "decent"
examples goes from 5 grand to 10 or 15 (add for inflation).  Of course,
by that time a new GT will be 25 or 30, and you still won't have gained
much...unless you've driven them the whole time, and enjoyed every
moment of it, regardless of what they're worth that day ;-).