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Carl Morris wrote:
> DuffDry@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > The problem is these cars are not yet old enough to be worth anything.  To
> > this point they are STILL used cars.  BUT they are rare.  What the SVO needs
> > is a few more years of teenagers wrecking these cars.
> Or us drag racing them to the point that they are nearly unrestorable ;-).
> > I found out that
> > almost any year SVO would be totaled from just a fender bender.  Don't get me
> > wrong I love both my SVO's but as you all know our cars are worth more as
> > parts than as a complete car.
> But they'll never be worth THAT much regardless.  I submit that they'll
> never be worth more than a new high end Mustang (assuming we never have
> another period of Mustang II Cobras as "high end").  How many standard
> old Mustang GTs are worth any more than a new GT?  How many Shelbys are
> really (not just "asking price") worth more than a new Cobra?
> Not many...if any.  Don't expect anything better for the SVO.  If
> you want to make money, put your money in a mutual fund.  The best you
> can hope for is to just happen to own a few when the price for "decent"
> examples goes from 5 grand to 10 or 15 (add for inflation).  Of course,
> by that time a new GT will be 25 or 30, and you still won't have gained
> much...unless you've driven them the whole time, and enjoyed every
> moment of it, regardless of what they're worth that day ;-).
> --
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com

You haven't priced a new GT lately have you?...they're already that
much. $28K for a GT Convrt.
I did see a 85 GT with only 1400 miles sell for $10k this summer. The
window sticker was still on the window...it sold new for $11,300.

Collecting cars will almost never earn you a cash profit. Most guys do
it from an Enthusiest point of view. Something along the lines of "I
enjoyed the time I owned it...I didn't loose too much when I sold it"
The guy with the 000006 mile car brought it out to car shows. At least
he would share it with the rest of the Mustang Enthusiest crowd. I know
quite few people who took pictures/videos of this car for reference when
trying to restore their own SVO.