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Cheap struts

Well, I installed the cheap replacement struts last night.  These are
basically the same thing as what I had in there, cuz.... 

The previous owner had done the "conversion" that Jim @ PPI posted about a
while ago.  Gabriel, I think, would cut the Konis apart and install their
cartridge, with a screw on cap, back in the Koni housing.  Mine felt a
little wiggly, so I ordered these struts to check em out.  They are
specified for a 1986 Lincoln Continental.  They fit just fine.  They are
better than the ones I had.  I like em and they're cheap, but I ain't gonna
win an autocross with em. They ride nice, and have pretty good control
actually, but they're not real firm, like a Koni.

My preferred suspension setup is soft springs and shocks and big anti sway
bars, so I got what I wanted.

As Saul posted, they are available at PepBoys for about $40 each.