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Re: over priced SVO's

Bud Morton wrote:

> You haven't priced a new GT lately have you?...they're already that
> much. $28K for a GT Convrt.

Last winter I saw closeout deals for 16,999 on new GTs.  They were
just using them to get people in the showrooms, but you COULD get
one for that price with no options.

> Collecting cars will almost never earn you a cash profit. Most guys do
> it from an Enthusiest point of view. Something along the lines of "I
> enjoyed the time I owned it...I didn't loose too much when I sold it"

Yep, and that's great as long as they knew that going in.  I would just
hate to see SVO owners not driving their cars, thinking they're going to
get rich off it someday.  Keep it nice enough, and maybe it will buy you
most of a new one someday, though, if that's what you want.

> The guy with the 000006 mile car brought it out to car shows. At least
> he would share it with the rest of the Mustang Enthusiest crowd. I know
> quite few people who took pictures/videos of this car for reference when
> trying to restore their own SVO.

That's cool that he brought it out for shows, even though that's not my
thing.  I've just seen some of those guys NEVER bring the car out...