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re: How fast?

>Although I will agree with Scott and say that my car is far from an
>aerodynamic wonder, but I think John made a point about the
>rear axle, in 84 the Mustang that I own came with a 3.45 rear axle.
>I don't think that I could ever do 142 mph (on an open race
>track (I am not stupid)) but I think that I can do ~130 mph.

I disagree, our SVO Mustangs are not that bad "aerodynamically" speaking.
Our coefficient of drag is 0.032, (the best "aero-design" car of 1986 had
a coefficient of drag at 0.029, which was a small Subaru XT-something).
This 'coefficient' may not match todays "aero" cars, it is still respectable.

Keeping in mind too, that our engines develop their HP at higher RPM.  So,
while most V8's are struggling to keep up their power at higher RPMs, the
SVO still has considerable power.  I had my very stock 86 SVO up to/over
140 mph many times.  Acceleration over120 mph was smooth and strong,
my limiting factor was running out of RPM's.  That was years ago when
the engine was fresh, now at over 100,000 miles it is hard to make 130
mph.  Do you think I was a little hard on my engine???

I know for a fact that I could get another 10 mph or more by going to a
different axle ratio, (say 3.45) but I don't want to sacrifice my
reasonably good launches and low-end acceleration.  I'm sure if you want
to pour enough money into your car, you will get good low-end accel and a
top speed in excess of 150 mph.  You'll just have to decide which way you
want to go.

Lastly, the SVO has absolutely no problems handling at 140 mph.  A true
GT performer, it felt responsive and sure-footed.

Monty   86SVO