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RE: Race Gas

Carl have you tried running with the knock sensor disconnected ?
Perhaps the EEC is picking up knock, be it detonation or unrelated
vibration.  Then moving the timing (and boost, if you still have the
stock boost control connected) around.

STeve Leiding

>From: 	Carl Morris[SMTP:Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, September 30, 1997 4:35 PM
>To: 	Mustang SVO Mailing List
>Subject: 	Re: Race Gas
>Bud Morton wrote:
>> Carl Morris wrote:
>> <problems with stuttering at high boost on race gas>
>> Could it be causing a problem with the O2 sensor? Running too much race
>> fuel can shorten the life of the O2.
>I think that's only with leaded race gas, plus the signal from the
>O2 sensor isn't read at WOT anyway.  Am I misinformed?