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Re: 86 XR-7 Cougar Turbo

>I ran accross an 86 Turbo cougar the other day, the car has a crispy
>interior(can you say faulty ignition switch) I can and Ford did not recall
>86's so everyone if you have not already, replace your ignition switch with
>the new one(less than $5)cheap insurance. Anyway if anyone can use any parts
>off this thing, the guy will let the stuff go cheap cheap. I got the
>foglights off it so they are gone but the motor is still complete. Email me
>if you want anything off it. If you are local to the Maryland area, You could
>probably get the whole car pretty cheap if you want it for anything.And I
>could take you to the car to see it.Hope this can help someone out there.
>Bright red 86

I put my bid in for the InterCooler.  How much do you wnat for it?  Perhaps
we should take this off list.  Please respond to my aol account "Lord