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The scuttlebutt is that;
- it made 320 HP and 400 lbs of torque at the rear wheels.  
- On RC Engineering 42 lb/hr injectors. hmmmmm.
- with 25 PSI opf boost
- and a Vortech Aftercooler flowing ICE water.
- on a 190 lph /hr intank pump, with a Kenne Belle Boost-a-Pump.  Too bad
they didn't know about the resistance wire in the ground lead, and the
relay under the hood that cuts voltage to the pump except under boost. 
They coulda saved themselves the cost of a Boost-a-Pump.  You would think
that they would've checked the voltage at the pump before blowin the money
on a Boost-a-Pump.  

Shoot, the 190 can feed a 9 psi 351, why would they think that a blown 4
cyl would use up the pump?  Silly Boys....


> From: Ron Myrick <rmyrick@classic.msn.com>
> To: Mustang SVO Mailing List <SVO@SmartWorx.com>
> Subject: MM&FF
> Date: Tuesday, September 30, 1997 4:20 PM
> Apparently the Dec 1997 Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords is going to
> Part 3 of the Tiny Avenger series. In the Nov issue they say that they
> passed the 300 hp at the wheels barrier. They evaluated the limitations
of 35 
> lb/hr and 45 lb/hr inhectors; flow limit of the stock turbo;
effectiveness of 
> SVO and T-Bird intercoolers; etc...
> Way cool...Also a couple other references to SVOs in this issue including
> SCCA F-Stock class win by Ernie Anderson (is he on the list??) in his 86
> ron
> rmyrick@msn.com
> 2 86 SVOs (1 stock, 1 toy)