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> >I have an '88 TurboCoupe and just rebuilt the engine. Polished intake
> runners, ported and polished head, jumped turbo PSI to 12, 3" exhaust to
> muffler (Flowmaster 2 1/2" out), K&N air filter, eliminated cat., and
> shift kit.
> >
> >Any more ideas? Injectors? Differential ratio?
> >Is it possible to use roller set up from new Ranger/2300 to change cam
> duration (no after-market Cam available w/o rollers)?

Start saving money for a C4 tranny, for when the A4LD breaks. :(

TCs had good gears (3.55 or 3.73) already.  If you change em, change em
ALOT.  I have 4.11s in the SVO, and I'd go 4.30s next time.

Replace the IHI turbo with a Garrett Air Research T3/T4 hybrid.

I sell the Engle 55 hydraulic non-roller cam w/ followers for $149
delivered.  Several people have them, just ask around, or on here.  The
Ranger cam is teeny.