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Re: SVO injectors on a 5.0

> I have no idea how long a 100% duty cycle pulse would be..all I know is
> sounds like "tick tick tick tick" at idle:)
> Are me and mark the only ones remotley interested in this?

I'm theoretically interested, but this all started with some guy trying to
put 8 2.3 SVO injectors in a 5.0.  Basically, you can't.  Besides a whole
new set of 8 36 lb /hr injectors with the correct impedance was selling for
like $200 at Englishtown.  He could sell the 2 wrong sets he has, and buy
the "right" parts.

Only Doug Wallace at PMS has the correct inj. driver chips for sale, in the
aftermarket, that I've found.  It's a special Motorola part that he had to
buy in a 1000 piece lot.  And then the 5.0 EEC has nowhere to intall them
on it's circuit board.  I ain't interested in reinventing the wheel.