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84 SVO "shell" For sale

I came across another 84 SVO but this is just a shell(and I mean Shell) I
bought it for the 2 1/4 panel pinstripe mouldings. The only thing left are
the 1/4 glass and the windshield. Anyone want to make a race car or try to
attempt a rebuild? The car (sorry "shell")has a good MD title and the color
is charcoal grey. There was nothing wrong with the car, the guy parted it out
because he wanted to put the drivetrain in an old Falcon Ranchero(which he
does not even have yet-and cant find one). This is one that should go to the
top of the "this guy needs to be smacked" List. Price for the shell is $150
and you haul it away, otherwise it will be cut apart and become crash parts
for some body shop eventually. Again the flag is flying at half staff. 

Bright Red 86(which was also saved from the crusher)(but not nearly as bad as
the one above-I was only missing a nose)