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84 SVO "shell" for sale

I tried posting this once and it seemed to fail so forgive me if both show

I have an 84 SVO "shell"(and I mean shell).  I bought it for the quarter
panel mouldings. the only other things left are the windshield and the 1/4
windows. Anybody want to build a Race Car or try to rebuild this one? it has
a good MD title and the color is Charcoal Grey. The guy parted it out so that
he could put the drivetrain into an old Falcon Ranchero(which he does not
have, nor can he find one).THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CAR! this needs
to be the first on the list of the "He needs to be smacked" Files. Anyway if
anyone wants this thing for $150, let me know. Otherwise it will be cut apart
to be used for repair panels for any body shop that wants them. Thanks.

Bright red 86
+ more in Paul's home for wayward mustangs(most saved from impending doom)