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SVO Madness!!!

On Sunday, September 30, 1997 the SVT Cobra Owners Association of Southern
California had their 2nd Annual Show Up and Show Off Car Show.  Us SVO
owners out here are pretty close to our relatives, so Neil Chirico (with
his new -- and for sale -- 1984 Canyon Red) and I (with my freshly-applied
can of Plastikote 7B Shadow Blue paint) being the car show die-hards that
we are showed-up and showed-off. 

As we arrived we ran into fellow SVO Owner Dominick Guttinger -- Dominick
works with Steve Davis at ETS and was only there to look at cars. Well,
after some convincing, we talked him into entering his car -- and he won
1st place!!! Madness!!! 

It was a great day, there were scores of Mustangs of all years...tons of
SVT Cobras and Saleens, many lookalikes, some very neat special interest
Fords, including a Roush F150 and Mark Martin's Roush Racing T-Bird. 

To top if off, Joe Morgan came out for a visit with his SVO, and we
hooked-him up with another SVO Owner, Bob Wallace of Mustang Illustrated
and Ford High Performance (Bob recently sold Neil the Shadow Blue MI
Project Car) -- Years ago Bob suggested to Joe that if his SVO-powered
Pinto broke 11-seconds they could put it in a magazine, so you guys just
might see Joe's car in yet another magazine!!!! For anybody interested, Bob
also has for sale a very nice Silver 1986 SVO in pretty good shape....and
his brother Jerry has a Canyon Red '86 with someting like 3,000 miles on
her. E-mail me if you're interested.

Now here's the other maddening part. A few months ago I begged some of you
guys to submit your Turbo Fords to Mothers Polishes -- A) to show off your
cars; and B) to win some free car care products; and C) get my friend Ken
(the Webmaster at Mothers) off my back about Turbos not being popular.
Well, back in July Brian got his Turbo Coupe on their Web site, and this
month (October) Philly Tim got his SVO in there! Way to go guys!

To see their cars, please visit: 


SVOs Everywhere!!!