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RE: Steering Wander

Ron, I have a similiar prob when I put the car into a hard turn at speed
(on/off ramp). The car turns to a specific point and then tries to
return-to-center. This basicly causes a jerking motion in the wheel
where you pull, it pulls, you pull etc. 

When I put my new struts on a few months ago, I found a locked up
tie-rod. I moved it around and lubed the hell out of it. 90% of the prob
went away. I'm waitng to install a new 15:1 rack before I replace the
rods. I also have the incorrect tires and wheels on the car which I'm
sure adds to the stress on the rods.

Anyhow, maybe you should give your tierods a quick look over


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> From:	Ron Myrick [SMTP:rmyrick@classic.msn.com]
> Sent:	Wednesday, October 01, 1997 7:13 PM
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> Subject:	Steering Wander
> I've noticed in both my SVOs (although one more than the other) that
> at medium 
> cruising speeds and with no braking, the car tends to all of a sudden
> develop 
> a strong tendancy to turn in one direction or the other. It appears to
> have no 
> effect on pavement sloping (for rain removal) and can happen sometimes
> due to 
> a bump. Its sometimes like something is temporarily knocked out of 
> place.Sometimes a quick jerk of the wheel causes the return to an
> on-center 
> feel. Any ideas??? (its does not appear to be an alignment issue)
> ron
> "rmyrick@msn.com"
> 2 86 svos